Tuscan wine is not only prepared in a traditional way, but it is also one of the most exported products in the world. There are actually two reasons why Tuscan wine is so popular all over the world. The mild climate and fertile soil make Tuscany the perfect location for the best vineyards. But the most important thing is the passion and love that the local winegrowers have for their products. They work every day in the vineyards and in the wine cellar to offer you the best wines.

The Castelvecchio winery in Terricciola opens its doors for you!

The tour starts outside with a panoramic view over the vineyard and the story about the history and traditions of the company and the territory of Terricciola.

Then on to the wine cellars where an explanation follows about the production and the storage or "aging room".

And then of course... tasting the wines! Four different wines are served, along with bread and extra virgin olive oil that is also produced on the farm.


Free for everyone staying with us!

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