Mercato delle Vettovaglie

(Provisions Market), also known as Mercato Coperto (Covered Market) or Livorno's Mercato Centrale (Central Market) is one of the most incredible buildings and attractions this Tuscan coastal city, Livorno, has to offer.
Not only that, it is also a wonderful culinary hotspot for those visiting the city, where one can enjoy plenty of amazing local delicacies, treats and specialties.


Rainbow near Volterra.


When sun and rain come together @ Volterra!

Written review from Simone and 5 yellow stars.


Thank you Simone for your review!

La Carabaccia

One of our favorite restaurants in the center of Volterra. A "trattoria" run by the woman of the family!

Sunset above the tuscan hills with yellow, orange, pink and purple sky.

Harnes parts of the middle ages on a table in a park.


About last weekend...... Volterra went back in time to the Middle Ages!


This beautiful picture was taken by our guests @ San Biagio last evening!


Beautiful outdoor space of Villa Mascagni, Volterra! Our guests can use the garden to relax and enjoy the sun!


Ready for our guests to arrive this evening! Our apartment "Fortezza" at villa Mascagni.

Gray lizard with yellow back on terracotta floor.


Today we had a special guest!

Center of Volterra

Palazzo Pretorio 1 of the beautiful palaces around the main square "Piazza dei Priori" in Volterra.


Have you experienced the romantic atmosphere of Lucca? It is amazing!

Written revieuw from Jozef and 5 yellow stars.


Thank you Jozef for your review!


Who doesn't love Florence A vibrant town and so much to see!

2 bikes parked against an Italian house along the street.


Let's go cycling! Tuscany is perfect for cycling holidays. But don't take the hills too lightly.... ....

2 bikes parked against an Italian house along the street.


Let's go cycling! Tuscany is perfect for cycling holidays. But don't take the hills too lightly.... ....


"Terrazza" one of our apartments @ Villa Mascagni, Volterra. From the beautiful terrace you can see the ocean and the island of Corsica!

Wite flower with a touch of purple and yellow.


Go and see an Alabaster demonstration! Very interesting to see how they make the most amazing items from Alabaster, the stone they find around Volterra!

Anfiteatro Romano

Experience the glory of the Roman period by visiting the ancient theater of Volterra, one of the biggest and best-conserved ones in Italy!

San Biagio

Amazing breakfast (with a view) in the garden of our holiday home Villa San Biagio!

San Gimignano

The city of the towers. Beautiful and... they have the best ice cream shop ever! Just half an hour drive from Volterra.


You want to have the real Italian experience....? Rent a Vespa and discover Tuscany!

A written review and 5 yellow stars.


Thank you for your review Tommaso Antoni!

A plate with tripe alla Volterra.


Tomorrow: Effetto Trippa a Volterra! According to tradition, the alabaster craftsmen used to have breakfast with tripe: from 8 in the morning you can try "tripe alla Volterra". Buon appetito!


Beautiful small city enclosed by a 570 meter long wall on the top of the hill. It's also equipped with 14 imposing towers that allow you to enjoy the spectacular panorama of Siena.

Red, wite, green flag of Italy.

Festa della Liberazione!

Liberation Day!

Green hills of Tuscany and blue sky.

Villa Mascagni

Our beautiful villa which provides 5 amazing holiday apartments, 5 minutes walk from the center of Volterra, Tuscany!

Palazzo Viti

Family memories and hidden treasures! Discover the beautiful residence and its secrets: Palazzo Viti in Volterra.


Flagwavers dressed in red and wite on the main square of Volterra.

Welcome spring!

Today the Historical Group of Flag Wavers of Volterra welcome spring! They greet the light after the darkness.


Vrolijk gekleurde paaseieren.

Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua!



Volterra has so much history , well worth a guided tour! This is one of our favorite pictures of Volterra!



A special piece of Tuscany with its own character, that is the island of Elba. With more than seventy beaches , a rich history and beautiful wines, this is worth a visit!

Window view

Looking out the window of our villa San Biagio..... you feel like you're flying over the Tuscan hills!

Amazing orange and pink sunset in Tuscany.

Podere Pian dei Gelsi

The haert of our holiday home Podere Pian dei Gelsi. A cozy place to relax for everyone!

4 wineglasses with differend kind of wines.


Cheers! Or how they say in Italian: Salute! (Health!) One of the favorite things to do on holiday in Tuscany... wine tasting!




A beautiful ancient town, it was once the “castle” of the Pannocchieschi Counts and then the Bishop of Volterra. In recent years, the town has become a famous destination thanks to the tenor Andrea Bocelli, who was born here and where he created his famous Teatro di Silenzio.

Picture of the poolside and hills of Tuscany

San Biagio

Love the poolside @ our villa San Biagio Perfect place to relax with your friends or family! Already looking forward to the summer!
San Biagio is our private holiday villa up to 15 persons.


Piazza dei priori, suare in the center of Volterra surrounded by palaces.

Piazza dei Priori

Piazza dei Priori, the main square of Volterra. Here you will find the oldest "palazzo" in Tuscany. In the Middle Ages, the local government was based in the building. The original name of the building was therefore the Domus Communis, which roughly translates as the town hall.

Sunset, tuscan hills and clouds.

The square Piazza dei Miracoli with Cathedral and Leaning Tower, of Pisa.


It is one of the most striking squares in the world, Piazza Duomo in Pisa, renamed the Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) by Gabriele d’Annunzio due to the sheer amount of masterpieces it hosts. Just one hour drive from Volterra!

Villa Mascagni

The beautiful outdoor space of one of the apartments of our Villa Mascagni! With an amazing view in to the valley and you can see the fort of Volterra! Perfect place to enjoy an aperitif before walking to the center of Volterra for a nice traditional Tuscan dinner!

Discover Volterra

So many beautiful things to discover in Volterra! Visit Parco Archeologico Enrico Fiumi! Located in the upper part of the old medieval town. Here there are Etruscan remains, which are almost all destroyed during centuries. From here you have beautiful views of the city and you can walk, run, relax or play with children in the big park located close to the remains.


Thank you Cristian for you nice review! Glad you enjoyed staying with us!

Villa San Biagio

Step back in time in this beautiful historic monastery of the Val d'Era, dating from about 1700 and built near the church of San Biagio. Now it offers our guests a beautiful home for a perfect holiday close to Volterra! Perfect holiday home for groups up to 20 persons.


Visit Castello del Boccale, which has been restored to its former glory, and enjoy the unspoiled nature along the rocky coastline. Go for a swim in the of the sea and admire the spectacular scenery of the pirate cove, Il Cala dei Pirati. Just at 1 hour drive from Volterra, close to Livorno.

Beautiful sunset behind a hill in Tuscany.

A horse on the hills of Tuscany with a beaytiful sundown.


There are many things to do in and around Volterra. Our holiday homes are the perfect starting point. But what's better than enjoy the Tuscan hills from the back of a horse?

San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo is a small but cozy fishing village on the Tuscan coast, only 1 hour drive from Volterra . Nice to combine a day at the beach with the boulevard at the marina. Beaches can be found on both sides of the harbour. A small beach can be found north of the harbour, with a parking lot directly behind it. Just make sure you don't leave any valuables in your car! The sea south of the harbor is a bit wilder with high waves.

Rainbow in the valley between Orciatico and Volterra.