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In our eyes Volterra is one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany. She is located on top of a hill, surrounded by impressive cliffs and rolling green or golden hills. The picturesque alleys are a feast for the eyes and the traces of antiquity are patiently waiting for you on every street corner. Thousands of years ago, Tuscany was not only the territory of the Romans, but also of the mysterious Etruscans. Volterra was one of their most important cities.


No one is still quite sure where the first Etruscans came from, but the traces they left in the Tuscan cities can tell us a lot about their culture. Volterra is therefore the perfect place to combine the best of Tuscany: the heavenly cuisine, the splendor of Italian architecture, and the fascinating legacy of the Etruscans.

Our favorite: InVolterra ticket!

The "Volterra Card" is a special ticket valid for 72 hours which allows entry to the most important museums in the city. And we can give you a discount per ticket of €5,-. Children under the age of ten are free. Use the code: Albergatori2022

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